With a burning desire to help the less privileged and needy in society, I joined the Busy Bees Women’s Society in 1993 through an invitation by Mrs. Modupe Sagoe, catering for many homeless children roaming the streets.

On 16th August 2003, in conjunction with St. Paul’s Church, Breadfruit, Lagos, The Busy Bees Society bought and setup a rehabilitation home under the name of Hope Center.

The Rose Of Sharon Foundation (RoSF)

Launched on the 23rd of May 2008, The Rose Of Sharon Foundation was established to provide support for widows and orphans. As at April 2011, there have been six empowerment programmes in Lagos State, Oyo State, Ogun State and Enugu State in Nigeria and spreading steadily Nationwide, provided support through empowerment, interest free loans and scholarships.


VISIT: http://theroseofsharonfoundation.org/ FOR MORE INFORMATION.