To outsmart is to do out-do your league. To reach heights you have only imagined. To do what you may have thought to be impossible. Do you want to outsmart everything that keeps you away from your goals and dreams? Do you want to make possible what you may have thought to be impossible?
Then get ready for this year’s Flourish Africa’s Conference tagged – OUTSMART 2020. 
We live in a dynamic and fast-paced world where being smart doesn’t suffice to help you reach your highest potential, high quality resources such as high level knowledge, experience, skills and networking is what you need to up your ante. OUTSMART 2020 promises the finest of female powerhouses to help you inject that desired growth and development in your career and business. 
Join the conversation on the various Flourish Africa social media channels listed for this life transforming and result-yielding conference on the 19th September, 2020 by 9am -11am.
To join selected participants for this experience, please send a direct message to the Flourish Africa instagram account, @Flourish_Africa stating your interest. This should include your name, email address and phone number to get registered for the Flourish Africa Conference.
OUTSMART 2020…Go beyond your present performance! #FlourishAfrica