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ALONE WITH GOD: Alone With God is your free daily devotional guide allowing you to grow spiritually and closer to God each day, it’s available for free in both PDF and Hard Copy. 

2) Folorunso Alakija Speaks (An inspirational book for All): A compilation of the author’s speeches over the years. It contains a selection of her favorite speeches, carefully prepared and presented by the author who has honed her skills as a speaker. 

Folorunso Alakija Speaks 1 (An inspirational book for Christians): A compilation of the author’s speeches over the years as an inspirational book for Christians. It contains her favorite ministrations, carefully prepared and presented by the author who has honed her skills as a speaker.

4) Growing with the Hands that gives the Rose: An inspirational impactful book that shows how all God-given aspects of living on earth can be well balanced and succeed in every day. A catalogue of lessons learnt, scriptures and prayers end each chapter of this colourful book. It catalogues the life of one child amongst 52 children and 8 wives of her parents that eventually led to where she is and what she has become today…A MUST READ

5) His Name is…: This book attempts to bring the names of God from different parts of the world, in different languages and dialects to show how important it is for us as Christians to know who we are serving, the benefits of knowing His names and also passing it on to generations to come.

6) Scriptures for Husbands: This book of scriptures is for Christian husbands who not only understand their leadership role and responsibilities in the home as God ordained, but are willing doers.

7) Scriptures for Parents: Praying with scripture is the best way to achieving results and getting exactly what is needed to make the home a habitation of praise and holiness.

8) Scriptures for Wives: This book is written to encourage wives in general but Christian wives in particular, to use the word of God to fortify their prayer.

9) The Cry of Widows and Orphans: A resource material for policy makers and legislators, and an information manual for widows and orphans, enabling them to know their rights and seek help.

10) University of Marriage: A book that will help to bring the spark back into your marriage, or help to perpetuate your already wonderful marriage; whatever the case may be, its experiential practicality, guides and tips are bound to make positive differences in any marriage.

11) Window Shop for your Spouse: This book is a God breathed practical guideline for singles who are wishing to go into the marriage institution.