Apostle Folorunso Alakija is a dynamic businesswoman and philanthropist with a sincere desire to help the needy. A fashion icon with an infallible sense of style, friend indeed, a loving wife, a mother and doting grandmother. Educated in Europe, she first embarked on a career in office administration, then she went into banking where she remained, until she took a leap of faith and followed her heart and creative calling to establish her own business in the Nigerian fashion industry. Her fashion house “Supreme Stitches” rose to prominence almost immediately, and rebranded as “Rose of Sharon House of Fashion”, which later
became a household name.

As National President and lifelong Trustee of the Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN), she left an indelible mark, promoting Nigerian culture through fashion and style. Ever the entrepreneur, Mrs. Alakija has set up related businesses: The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions which specialized in monogramming, heat/picture transfer and screen printing for promotional and gift items later metamorphosed into Digitalreality Print Ltd.  The company expanded into highly technical digital large format printing and also included a direct imaging paper printing press to coincide with her 60th birthday in July 2011. She oversees the Rose of Sharon Group as the Group Managing Director and is also the Executive Vice Chairman of her family’s oil exploration and production business, FAMFA Oil Limited, seeing to its strategic planning and day to day administration. In addition to these, Folorunso is the Executive Vice Chairman of Dayspring Property Development Company Limited, a real estate company.


When reflecting on her achievements, Folorunso’s foremost reaction is always to give glory to God through Jesus Christ and to share the secrets of her success. A born again Christian since 1991, she draws her strength from her unfaltering belief in the
power and glory of God. With a sincere desire to give to those in need in the name of the Lord, her philanthropic endeavours, such as the Rose of Sharon Foundation, continues to influence her native land positively by empowering widows and their families, as well as orphans, to be successful through educational programmes and scholarships.


In obedience to the word of God and working according to His will and purpose, Folorunso and her husband founded a house fellowship which has grown to become a full-fledged Christian Ministry known as the Rose of Sharon Glorious Ministry International. She has authored several books including, “Alone with God” (a free annual Christian
devotional), University of Marriage (A guide for married couple), Growing with the Hand that Gives the Rose(her autobiography),The Cry of Widows and Orphans” (a sensitization material on the plights of widows and orphans), “His Name Is….” (A collection of over 3000 names of God),
“Folorunso Alakija Speaks -An Inspirational Book for All” (A collection of Mrs. Alakija’s Speeches), “Folorunso Alakija Speaks -An Inspirational  Book for Christians” (A collection of the author’s Ministrations), “Wish for it? Pray for It” – (A  series of three books containing a collection of her favorite scriptures for Husbands, Wives, and Parents) and her latest book for single men and women, “Window Shop for your Spouse” (A practical guide for choosing the best spouse).


Mrs. Alakija oversees her businesses and philanthropic enterprises working tirelessly and with boundless energy. She follows her evangelical calling with unbridled devotion, hoping to inspire the public, most especially the youth and women from all walks of life by sharing her values and her motto: “whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well” through motivational talks and speeches. In her speeches, as an encouragement to others, she reveals and introduces her covenant keeping God, even to those in the market place.


She accepts many invitations to speak and is acclaimed, nationally and internationally, in recognition of all her philanthropic work and endeavours. She has 8 Honorary Degree Awards from universities in Nigeria and the United States of America, she is also the first female Chancellor of a Public University in Africa.

She lives in Lagos, Nigeria with Modupe Alakija her beloved husband of over four decades, including four sons with their spouses and grandchildren.