You must have read and learnt about best practices in business in the past, so I will only dwell on the most important ones, and some of which helped me. However, in doing so, I will focus on the new wave and methods to drive businesses as well as using networking tools.

  • Rebrand: If you have not already considered it, you may want to bring new life into the image of your company by just tweaking a few things that would give it a boost/edge in the marketplace. A more modern re-styled stationery, logo or slogan or a change of colours could achieve this without necessarily expending huge sums of money on it.
  • Restructuring and Marketing methods: Competition has always done things in a certain way and companies just follow suit believing in the very safe methods of obtaining the cheapest, quickest route to a lucrative bottom line. You may need to try the Blue Ocean Strategy which would no doubt require more risks but bold steps bring bigger revenue.
  • First Impressions: The way you appear speaks volumes not only about your person but also, about your company. Wearing the wrong clothes at the right time could portray you and your company in bad light, no matter how knowledgeable you may be.

  • A firm handshake and eye contact are considered to portray confidence. The ability to hold intelligent conversation and be professional make room for a lasting positive impression.

  • Be a good Listener: Communication is a two-way method of conversation and should not be overbearing or one sided. So, develop good listening skills. A British bank used to refer to itself as “the listening bank” and the slogan actually endeared the public towards it.

  • Target Your Audience: As you try to network, decide on who your audience should be and consider how you can leverage on opportunities they can bring to the table or how they could be useful in opening new frontiers for your line of business. Make the right moves, introductions and invitations for cocktails or entertainment to break any ice. Don’t ever part without leaving informative materials with your new contacts. However, a quick follow-up by email confirms seriousness of purpose.

Every social, family, religious, sports, or gender related event is an opportunity to network, meet new people and get friends to link you.  Take it, use it and develop it.

Networking: using social media sites like Facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram etc.  Do something new and post it on all these sites.  You may want to begin with a well structured and informative website.  The reality of the moment is such that if you are not connected via the Internet the world will pass you by.

  • Be Selective: Decide on your purpose and plan towards it. Choose the appropriate events you should attend that will enhance your vision and the social media where you need to have a presence.  Careful planning brings awesome results.  For instance, I have set up a committee to evaluate my invitations, and determine those that fall in line with my calling and vision and fit them into my itinerary.

  • Don’t Discriminate: By all means, never look down on anyone and don’t judge a book by its cover or you can make very serious mistakes or get a rude shock.  One woman who shocked the entire world had entered into a singing contest called Britain’s Got Talent. She looked unexciting and rather drab in her dressing and her overall appearance and age was certainly not on her side, But, the minute she opened her mouth to sing, the entire audience watching via television from all over the world, got the biggest shock of their lives. She gave them all what I would refer to as “a wakeup call” as if she was saying: “I can do this and you don’t have a choice but to reckon with me and judge me by my content and not my looks. Her name is Susan Boyle and she finished in second place that night, had over 12,000 u-tube hits within minutes, but her winning song became the title of her debut album which became UK’s best selling debut album of all time.  Within 9 days, videos of her had been watched over one hundred million times. From then on, her life changed.  She has received huge publicity, been invited to take part in many very important programmes, met with the high and mighty in the world and told her own story which I believe must be inspiring others within and outside her industry.

  • Round Pegs in Round holes: When we fail to carefully select our staff for certain positions but do so from our emotions, empathy or because it’s a relation, the company’s bottom-line could be seriously affected. Ignorance and wrong attitudes are bred and in-efficiency and chain breaks set the company back. The constant struggle to move the company forward can certainly do without unnecessary distractions.